Soloreen Ventures - Web Developer

I work with a diverse selection of clients, from small start-ups to established companies and organisations, delivering bespoke solutions rooted in usability, creativity, aesthetics and craft. Website Development is my passion.


I ignite passion with pixels. As a freelance web developer, I craft websites that electrify your brand and drive results.

Here’s what sets me apart:

  • Bespoke and Unique: I create one-of-a-kind websites that reflect your brand’s individuality.
  • Engaging and User-Friendly: I prioritize intuitive design that keeps your audience captivated.
  • Built to Convert: I focus on functionality that maximizes your return on investment (ROI).

Let’s chat and discuss how I can spark a revolution for your brand.



This is how we work with our beloved clients


The discussion of the necessary requirements and features for your website is the most critical stage in ensuring your website is developed correctly.

Sitemap & Wireframe

Afterwards, we will create a Sitemap and Wireframe for your website to guarantee the inclusion of all desired features and information.

Mockup & Design

We will conduct research on design and UI/UX, and produce a single design mockup to give you a preview of the appearance and user experience of your website.


Upon approval of the mockup, we will commence the development process to construct the full website and make it ready for testing.

Delivered & Ready to Launch

Upon completion of the website's functionality, this stage marks the final step. Your website will be ready for deployment, fully operational, and ready to serve its purpose.


I build and manage efficient, creative and innovative websites optimised using SEO and conversion strategies.

Industrial Exploration

Innovate CarloRino

and many more...


RM1,500 to RM4,000 and depend on project requirements. Charges are negotiable.

The standard timeline is 7 working days to prepare a mockup and 10 working days to develop and complete content insertion.
Every project will get free 12-month warranty and security updates. Content update is a separate service and will be charged separately. *Free service on minor updates.
Yes, I can provide and manage your domain and hosting either shared, VPS, or dedicated web hosting.
Yes definitely. All website admin master access including Cpanel for hosting will be given upon delivery. No restriction access as your website is yours.
No sorry. But you can meet me at TheKomunalCafe Shah Alam.
Depend on the project. Some may require us to purchase a major addon to meet the requirement. But initially other fee is only for domain, hosting, warranty dan managed content update (if any).
Most of the projects will be designed and developed by me but also depending on timeline, complexity, functions, and also budget. Some projects may require additional manpower to meet the requirement.
Yes. My company registered name is Soloreen Ventures and Reg Number is: 003353745-K